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But... is it really open?



A captivating true story of one young man's destiny to remain a part of his son's life through open adoption. Painstakingly deciding to give up their baby boy, an unwed couple faces heart wrenching obstacles. When the option of open adoption is presented to them it morally feels right. Promises and plans are made from both parties, but what happens when one party breaks the sacred promises? Through the grace of God and one fateful date, a reconnection is made after years of disconnect. This heartwarming true story of faith and forgiveness is a true testament of human kind.

The Open Adoption /This Book is NOT Published

Darrick Cam Rizzo lives his life inspired by his son that he put up for adoption when he was a freshman in college. Basketball, cross country & track athlete willing to give it all up to raise his first born, but all of a sudden after 7 months of an unplanned pregnancy his girlfriend brings up the words...Open Adoption... ​ ​

The Open Adoption {A Birth Father's Story} is highly recommended to all that are involved in any capacity of an adoption, especially the adoptive parents. Dedication, motivation, perseverance and faith in God have led him to share his experience as a birth father and and the broken promises to both him and his son.

Foreword written by:

Michael Oher From the movie "The Blind Side"

Best Selling Author of "I Beat the Odds"

Baltimore Ravens: NFL Super Bowl Champion 2012

Darrick Cam Rizzo

“First you must find COURAGE, then you must accept CHANGE, now you are ready to NETWORK, but always know OBSTACLES will come along during your JOURNEY TO SUCCESS.”

​ These aren't just pretty words, but the mantra that Darrick Rizzo has learned to live by. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Darrick overcame obstacles at a young age: the sudden, senseless death of his sister and his heart-wrenching decision as a freshman in college to give his son up for Open Adoption.

Now a successful businessman, father, mentor and community leader, Darrick pays it forward by speaking out and motivating others in such topics as Peer Pressure, Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling, Adoption, Networking, Anger Management and more. ​

As the CEO of Rizzo Production Recruiting, Darrick has helped thousands of high school athletes get recruited. He is known across the country as a defensive specialist, a basketball trainer who teaches players the correct way to shut down opponents. SLAM Magazine calls him the "Koby Bryant stopper" for his #1 selling DVD with Nike Championship Productions. Darrick is also the CEO of PA Sports Live and the founder of D'EM UP Basketball.

He is active in his church and a leader in his community, volunteering his time to coach and mentor youth. He also works as a Community Specialist for Drug, Alcohol and Gambling prevention services.


Darrick has now been coming to my prospective adoptive parent groups to tell his story. He tells it in a very compassionate way which has proved to be very helpful, educational and emotional for adoptive parents who are in the process of deciding if adoption is an option for them. He details his entire experience as a birth father from prior to the birth of his son to the present. He is nonjudgmental and forgiving of the adoptive parents in the approach to his story.

​Many people who have heard his presentation have told me later that it was very helpful. One gentleman said, “I came into the group thinking of birth parents as somewhat selfish and not caring about their children and Darrick has certainly changed my mind.” Darrick is interested in presenting his story to other agencies or groups and I would highly recommend him and be glad to talk with anyone who may desire to have Darrick give his presentation.​

Sincerely yours,

Eckels Adoption Agency

​Lois Eckels Williams, ACSW

The Open Adoption, But...is it really open? A Birth Father's Journey is a true testament of the perseverance and love of one young man's journey in seeking and finding the truth of his son and how forgiveness can heal. Told from the unique perspective of a male will certainly pull the reader in from the onset. This journey will stay with you for years to come.

Best wishes,

Donna M. McDine

Multiple Award-winning Children's Author

Darrick provides an honest and intimate view on his experience with the open adoption process. You will feel his pain and share in his joy as he reveals his journey to build a relationship with the son he gave away at birth. Anyone who has loved a child can relate to the paternal need to know your son.

Kirsten Grove

Masters of Education Penn State University



Jan 7th I Heart Adoption Open Adoption Speech-NY

Feb 4th Speech @ Clarion Univ-PA

Feb 20th York High School PA

Feb 28th Mansfield Univ-PA

May 29-30th Keynote Speaker @ St.John's Adoption Conference-NY

June 27th NJ

July 7th Philly-PA Espo

Sept 8th California Univeristy - PA

Sept 15th West Chester University - PA

Sept 22rd Adelphia University - NY

Nov 1-3rd 28th Annual SLDI-Lancaster PA

Nov 23rd National Adoption Day


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